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The 2014-2016 curriculum is available on the UT Catalog website

A few clarifications:

  • NEU 366M and 366N (Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience I and II) are no longer required for any of our NEU degrees.
  • NEU 466G (Functional and Synaptic Neuroanatomy) may be counted as toward the 12 semester-hours of laboratory courses (line 11).
  • Any upper-division NEU course may be counted toward the 6 hours of upper-division neuroscience (line 12), with the obvious exception that each course may count toward only one degree requirement (e.g., NEU 330 may not count toward both line 9 and line 12).
  • NEU 330, NEU 365R, and BIO 365R are considered equivalent. Only one of these courses may be applied toward the NEU degrees. 
  • In the 2016-2018 catalog neither MATH408D or 408M will be required for any NEU degree.