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The human brain is an amazingly complex structure that controls all aspects of our behavior.  The essence of who we are and how we experience life depends on maintaining a healthy, active brain.  The Department of Neuroscience at UT Austin is dedicated to investigating the fundamental mechanisms by which the brain functions and how these mechanisms malfunction with neuronal injury and disease.  

Philanthropic support is crucial to neuroscience at UT Austin.  Your support allows us to use the funds committed by the University and the grant dollars brought in by our investigators to their fullest potential by providing for activities not supported or guaranteed by these sources.  You may click the "Make a Gift" button to give an immediate gift to the department.  Alternatively, you may contact:

Zachary M. Richards
Executive Director for Development & External Relations

Examples of current needs include:

Support for graduate student research

Neuroscience faculty are responsible for supporting graduate students (including student stipend, tuition and insurance) for the majority of their graduate training (years 2-5).  These funds are typically provided through NIH grants obtained by the faculty.  External support for graduate students in the form of fellowships or awards frees up grant dollars for additional research needs, allowing our faculty to expand their research programs.

Support for novel research projects

Philanthropy provides funds for pilot research programs that are not typically supported by traditional funding    sources.  This includes funds to spearhead outside the box research ideas that explore higher-risk frontiers.  Such projects have the potential to mature into NIH funded research projects that transform our knowledge and provide the innovation that can lead to major breakthroughs.