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Goris, Robbe

Robbe L Goris

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Visual Perception, Perceptual Decision-Making, Computational Neuroscience


Office Location
SEA 4.202

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

I received my Ph.D. in 2009 from KU Leuven (advisors: Johan Wagemans and Felix Wichmann), went on to do a post-doc at NYU (advisors: Tony Movshon and Eero Simoncelli), and joined the faculty of the department of Psychology at UT Austin in fall 2016.

How does the brain process visual information? And how does this information guide perception and action? These are the questions that drive me. I am especially interested in the function of the primate visual system. The purpose of my research is to understand the computations performed by single neurons and populations of neurons in the visual and association areas of the cerebral cortex, and express that understanding in mathematical models. To achieve this, I use a diverse set of research tools: behavioral experiments, computational modeling, and monkey physiology. Conceptually, my work is subdivided in three broad areas that are concerned with the encoding of visual information, the corruption of this information by noise, and the decoding of this information to guide behavior.

Goris, R.L.T., Simoncelli, E.P., Movshon, J.A. (2015) Origin and function of tuning diversity in macaque visual cortex. Neuron, 88(4):819-831.

Goris, R.L.T., Movshon, J.A., Simoncelli, E.P. (2014) Partitioning neuronal variability. Nature Neuroscience, 17(6):858-865.

Goris, R.L.T., Putzeys, T., Wagemans, J. and Wichmann, F.A. (2013) A neural population model for visual pattern detection. Psychological Review, 120(3): 472-496.