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Dr. Alex Huk publishes in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

The Huk lab recently published a research article in PNAS entitled 'Decision-related perturbations of decision-irrelevant eye movements".  This research investigated the correlation of neural activity in oculomotor brain circuits with the formation of decisions about where to move the eyes, specifically asking if decision-related activity in oculomotor circuits interacts with eye movements that are decision irrelevant.

By probing the oculomotor system with a decision-irrelevant saccadic eye movement during decision formation, Huk found that saccade metrics are affected by the strength and direction of motion evidence. These results suggest that decision signals continuously flow into the oculomotor system during decision making, and extend the interactive model of cognition and action into the oculomotor system.

Joo SJ, Katz LN and Huk AC. (2016). Decision-related perturbations of decision-irrelevant eye movements. PNAS USA. 113(7):1925-1930.

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