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Li, Chia-Ling (Sariel)

Chia-Ling Li

Spatial memory, visual attention and natural behaviors in immersive environments

I'm a postdoctoral affiliate at The Center for Perceptual Systems and Vision, Cognition, Action & Virtual Reality Lab at The University of Texas at Austin, supervised by Dr. Mary Hayhoe. I'm also a Sr. User Researcher at Bose Corporation.


Learning and memory, sleep, and the interaction of human cognition, perception and technology.

Research goals

My research aims to investigate how memory guides attention in immersive 3D environments while we engage in daily tasks, such as navigation and searching for objects. I also seek to understand the process of attention allocation across 3D and 2D platforms. Applying technologies such as virtual reality and eye tracking to understand human behaviors has the potential to allow characterization of daily behaviors in the most natural ways.


- PhD, University of Texas at Austin (2011-2017)

- Master of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University (2009-2011)

- BS, Life Science, National Taiwan University (2005-2009)

My research project investigate how memory guides attention for visual search in 3D environments vs. in 2D platforms by performing eye tracking in virtual reality environments.

C Li, MP Aivar, DM Kit, MH Tong, MM Hayhoe. (2016). Memory and visual search in naturalistic 2D and 3D environment. Journal of Vision, 16(8):9. Link.

Selected conference and invited talks:
1. Search excludes irrelevant regions in immersive environments. 2016. Talk at Annual meeting of Vision Sciences Society, St. Pete Beach, FL.
2. Memory and attention in natural world. 2014. Invited talk at 19th Annual Neuroscience Symposium, Austin, TX.
3. Facilitation of visual search from object-to-scene binding in an immersive virtual environment. 2014. Talk at Annual meeting of Vision Sciences Society, St. Pete Beach, FL.

Selected poster presentations:
1. Memory and visual search in immersive environments. 2015. Poster at International Conference on Spatial Cognition, Rome, Italy.
2. Guidance of Visual Search from Memory Representations in a 3D Apartment. 2014. Poster at Workshop on Natural Environment and Tasks Intelligence, Austin, TX.