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Information for Undergraduate Students interested in Neuroscience

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience (Began Fall 2012)

If you are looking for the information on the new Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience degree program please go to:


Synapse (Neuroscience Student Org)

As a group, Synapse tries to serve as a home on campus for undergraduates interested in neuroscience. During our regular meetings, we host peer-led discussions and informal talks by UT Austin researchers. On the side, we help fellow students get into research labs. Some of the things we have done in the recent past include: book club, lab tours, faculty meet-and-greet, movie nights, flavor-tripping, and outreach/service. In the spring, we host the "NeurOlympics," a team trivia competition for nerd fame and glory. As an extension of Synapse, a subset of us founded the Undergraduate Neuroscience Journal Club, where we read, present, and discuss papers free from the deathly anxiety associated with presenting to an audience of professors, postdocs, and graduate students. We do not expect a background in the field, but instead welcome anyone with an interest in neuroscience to attend our meetings and hope that by becoming involved with our group, new members acquire both knowledge... and some of our infectious enthusiasm for the discipline. Also, we have treats!

For more information about Synapse please visit the FB group or email UTsynapse.

Current Officers:

  • Sadie Witkowski
  • Taylor Allen
  • Dylan Jones
  • Miguel Diaz
  • Rose Nguyen
  • Jacy Anthis
  • Eszter Kish

    Your Synapse officers for 2012-13 from left to right:
    Nicholas Karasik (not Active), Sadie Witowski, Ryan Ellis, Rita Mathis, and Roberto Cofresi


Undergraduate research information sessions offered twice weekly

Description: Sign up to attend an undergraduate research information session, offered each Wednesday and Thursday. Learn how to get involved in research, how to contact faculty members, the qualities and skills faculty members are looking for in undergraduate researchers and how to earn course credit for undergraduate research.
Time: 11 a.m.-noon
Location: Flawn Academic Center (FAC), Room 4
Admission: Free

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