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Advising System

For detailed information refer to the neuroscience graduate program handbook.

A Progressions Committee guides the student during the first two years. The committee monitors the progress of each student during the first year through feedback from course coordinators and rotation research supervisors. At the end of each semester the committee meets individually with each student to provide guidance and review his/her progress. After the first year the student's chosen thesis advisor works together with the Progressions committee to monitor the student's progress. During the third and following years, the Progressions Committee will continue to monitor the progress of each student, but will not have regular meetings with advanced students unless a problem is identified. Once the student has passed the qualifying exam and is admitted to candidacy the student forms a dissertation committee. At this point advising and monitoring is referred to the thesis advisor and dissertation committee for the remainder of the student's training. This is accomplished through yearly progress report meetings the student holds with the dissertation committee.

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